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Interested in the limits of experience: the limits between art and science, imagination and technique, the intimate and the collective. The different projects and events that borderline projects promotes revolve around the notion of liminality, and are dedicated to explore interdisciplinary encounters and imaginative investigations.

selected  projects

Death in Mexico Month

BROOKLYN, NY | The Morbid Anatomy Museum | Co-sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York | October, 2014.

A full month of activities seeking to explore the historical background behind some of Mexico's most intriguing cultural practices and artifacts, such as Day of the Dead, postmortem photography, and the cult of Santa Muerte. Events included lectures, film screenings, workshops, and a reading group exploring ways in which the theme of human sacrifice has haunted the Mexican nation ever since the Spaniards first learned about this practice among the Aztecs. The event culminated with a Halloween\Day of the dead eclectic flea market, and a cultural field trip to Mexico City and Oaxaca especially curated for artists and collectors. Fore more  information click here.

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Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Mayan Child of Tulum, 1974.

J. Craig Freeman, La loteria Augmented Reality Project, 2011.

La Loteria Art Exhibit

BROOKLYN, NY | Observatory Room| Sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York & Mano a Mano Mexican Culture Without Borders | September, 2011.

An international art exhibit featuring the work of 29 artists from 11 countries. La Loteria is a game that uses a deck of cards illustrated with figures that represent everyday objects, plants, animals, mythical creatures and other characters. The origins of this game go back to 16th century Italy, where most of the lottery games were born, and where the first decks of playing card, including the Tarot, were introduced into Europe.

The idea behind this exhibition was to use the images of La Loteria as a matrix that helped generate dialogues, intersections, and points of encounter. To take a slice of Mexico’s popular culture, characterized by its hybridism, and ask artists to make it their own. We have invited artists from all origins and disciplines to adapt, pay homage, adopt or desecrate La Loteria: a true artistic experiment. This exhibition seeks to open a liminal space, a border-zone where it can be possible to explore our differences together. Fore more information click here.

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Death in Mexico Tour Series

SEVERAL LOCATIONS IN MEXICO | Curated for The Morbid Anatomy Museum

A series of cultural trips to Mexico focusing on sites influential to the Mexican history and culture of death and mourning. The trips are especifically designed to suit the interests of  an international community of artists, writers, collectors, and death enthusiasts willing to witness, share, study, and find inspiration in the numerous, varied, and multicutural traditions  that constitute the heritage of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration in local communities.

David Brommer, Girl Portrait, 2013. For more about this photographic series created by the artist during the trip click here.

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