Borderline Projects is the brainchild of Salvador Olguin, and was born out of the need to bring separate artistic projects together under one single name. Borderline Projects operates through a disjointed network of artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and cultural institutions in order to develop and promote its events and reach larger audiences. The different projects and events that we promote revolve around the notion of liminality, and are dedicated to explore interdisciplinary encounters, multicultural happenings, and imaginative investigations, exploring different kinds of borders and frontiers: between art and science, imagination and technique, the intimate and the collective, the rational an the irrational.

Salvador Olguin holds a MA in Humanities and Social Thought by New York University. He writes poetry, essay, and cultural critique. His interests are focused on topics related to posthumanism, photojournalism, and artistic and post-mortem photography, as well as on the analysis of cultural representations associated with the notion of death through the study of literary objects and cultural artifacts from the late nineteen and twentieth centuries. In 2011, Salvador founded Borderline Projects and became a member of Observatory, a group of artists and researchers dedicated to promote creative experiments and interdisciplinary cultural events at the Proteus Gowanus Art Complex in the city of Brooklyn, New York.

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